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Business Coaching


  • Coaching of managers and executives
  • Coaching of future leaders, high potentials, experts, and important associates
  • Coaching of project managers and project leaders
  • Coaching related to self-development and personality development
  • Coaching related to career development and job applications
  • Coaching related to the topics of personnel and leadership



Coaching in my understanding is helping others to help themselves by professional and individual collaboration, support and guidance, especially related to questions or challenges as well as phases of change or new orientation in business or job-related context.




As business coach I do not have the potential solutions but I am a professional, experienced, positive and supportive discussion and interaction partner. My role as business coach is to inspire you as my client to think through actions in reality and to help searching for and finding better solutions and alternatives.




How does Coaching work?

When you contact me, we are going to have a first personal meeting and get to know conversation. Afterwards, you can decide whether you would like to work with me as business coach. Based on a mutual agreement we start working together to solve your open topics, identify your goals, and how you can achieve your goals. Very often, we will be discussing, and you will be reflecting. My coaching style is respectful and with esteem. I am using proven methods and models to support your thinking processes.








  My "toolbox" filled with methods and models  



Once you feel you do not need any further support, we will cease this dedicated coaching process. You are always invited to come back and start a new round of coaching.


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