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Business Coaching.

  • Are you looking for professional help to solve individual challenges in business context?
  • Do you have (or are getting soon) leadership responsibilities and need an independent dialogue partner and counterpart?
  • Are you a project manager or project leader and looking for a project management coach?
  • Do you know your "blind spot"?
  • Do you want to move on in your career and are not yet sure about how?
  • Do you use Coaching in your company and are currently looking to add Coaches to your coaching pool?
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Change Management.

  • How do you implement changes in your company?
  • Are you currently reorganizing or implementing changes, and you have realized resistance but are not yet sure how to deal with it?
  • How do you engage the respective executives and employees when implementing change?
  • How to you train changes?
  • Do you achieve the desired results?
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Human Resources.

  • Do you already use external support for selection and assessment of employees and executives and are now looking for somebody with a fresh view?
  • What do you think about the skills and expertise of your employees? Are they ready and sufficiently qualified?
  • Do you have the right structures and processes to attract, recruit, develop and retain highly skilled employees?
  • How does your talent management process work?
  • Are your HR business partners real partners of the business functions?
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Project Management.

  • Is project management a core competence of your company?
  • Are your project managers sufficiently qualified for managing projects successfully?
  • Are goals and success factors of your projects defined and agreed?
  • Do you have a structured status reporting including proper risk management?
  • Are you a project manager or project leader and looking for a project management coach?

If you are currently thinking about any of those or similar questions, please contact me, I am looking forward to having an inspiring discussion with you.

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